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  1. Wendy Amey says:

    I’m mindful that – to quote the Greek philosopher, Epictetus, we have two ears one mouth and should use them proportionally.

  2. Cherie says:

    As always Daryl I love the depths of what your words capture…

    “Words matter. We need to continuous catch and weave another person’s inner life, give it voice, and allow it to enter into conversation. And use the metaphorical dimensions that each client bring.”

    I love this! It captures the essence of therapeutic ability all the way to its core, its heart. It is THIS that identifies a truly skilled therapist, and is only developed through a genuine dedication to experiential learning and a true com-passion for healing others…and I think we never finish learning this as each phase of our lives teach us how to listen even more carefully and completely.

    Thank you

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