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  1. Hi Daryl
    Being a cyclist I loved this post but I’m not going to try that stunt on two wheels!

    Seriously though, some years ago British Cycling adopted a systematic approach to winning medals in Olympic track cycling events. It was called “the aggregation of marginal gains”. Meticulous attention to lots of small detail. For the past two Olympics the Brits have cleaned up in the medal table.

    How do we get better outcomes? Maybe it’s not one big “thing” but the aggregation of marginal therapeutic gains?

    Thanks again!

    • Well, said Barry! I totally agree with the marginal gains idea.

      Here’s another (British) way to think of it:

      The London postage service had 98% success in sending their mail by the next day. In the name of excellence, they aimed to raise the bar to 99%. The process of doing so nearly broke everyone’s back.
      Turns out, when asked of the public, people thought that the London mail was only successful 60% of the time.
      The issue here is one of perceived value.
      The solution: tell the British that their mail is better are than the Germans!

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