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  1. Jimmy Murphy says:

    Big things that I think about when considering how we can care for each other in the health profession is having time for each other and being ok to talk about what we personally struggle with in our work. I think sometimes we can want to appear strong, resilient and competent so therefore can be reluctant to share our struggles, reducing opportunities for help. On the first point, I mean time for each other to connect, especially in fun ways, as time tends to be taken up in clients, research, work and our families etc; not leaving much time to just connect with each other. That’s what I like about getting into DP, sure it’s still work related but it has given me an avenue to connect with others who share a passion; which I think also opens a door towards looking out for eachother.

  2. Tiff says:

    Something I feel strongly about. Seeking help, being vulnerable and showing our fallibilities is something we as helping professionals do not do well, nor are we very good at self-reflection. Normalising being not ok I think is where we need to start. Normalising seeking help, taking a break, building a culture whereby we lean on each other – I think this is key as health professionals. Looking after each other, TRUSTING each other. Interestingly at my workplace I feel like we have grown closer together as a team during the pandemic, because we have been intentional with checking-in, making time to catch up, also normalising the feeling of not coping… because our job is hard.

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