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Being consistent means keeping a promise to yourself.

When we are not consistent, we are breaking promises. We lose the power of our handshake agreements to ourselves. We lose the commitment of our word.

My kids constantly remind me how important it is to keep to promises “But papa, you said that you will take us to the playground today…”

If you are on the deliberate practice road to become a better therapist, being consistent doesn’t mean that you will not fall over the tracks. In fact, it is a given that we all will. Don’t be surprised.

The key is to expect getting off-track. And then come back on-track. Resist the urge to ride off the entire day or engage in self-chastising.

And there’s no room for perfectionism here. Pencils have erasers and people have forgiveness.

Treat yourself like a baby when makes steps in your progress. Increase them when it’s time to deliver.

(image from Boston Public Library)

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