Playful Present (See-Saw)


The present is a gift inviting us to open our doors. It flowers when we can embrace our history and welcome all  doors of possibilities of our future. 

This means that we allow ourselves to touch and heal past wounds, and live without anxiety of the unseen tomorrows.

Like a see-saw, it’s not easy (and probably of no use) to attempt to balance one side of the past and the other of the future in equilibrium. Rather, we show learn to play with it.  And when we do, we become flexible enough in the currents of change, and become inspiringly responsive, not reactive, to situations.

This form of  movement and openness – or vulnerability, is an antidote for the modern soul. Much like the jazz improviser responsing to the unforeseen musical turn that is up ahead, co-creating something vibrant and alive, and even joyfully unexpected; the moment-by-moment present, calls for our presence.

The best response you can have to any gift is to receive it. And playing with a gift is a true act of gratitude.

Have a playful new year ahead.

– Daryl Chow, Ph.D.

*playful doodle above hand drawn with Paper & Pencil  on iOS device


See-Saw (big trunk)