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Maybe we need to find a way of having less things and have deeper connections with people.

Rather than trying to give people advice, we can start by asking each other questions.

Facebook got you figured out long time ago. In the opening of each potential news update in your profile, it asks, “what’s on your mind?”

Steal this question back from the superficials. We bias ourselves to share in a certain desirable light when we post on social media platforms. Instead, learn to ask the very same question “what’s on your mind?”  with people you love and care about, and people that you work with.

Go further, ask even the people you do not get along.

And it may help to follow-up this question with “And what else?”[1]

Be really curious with the people that you are asking. Question in order to listen, don’t listen in order to question further. Everyone wants their story to be heard.


Bless Your Minds,

Daryl Chow, MA, Ph.D. (Psych)



[1] I first learned this from an interview with coach Michael Bungay Stainer. 

Photo by 
Jonatan Pie