These are the four loves I devote to in my profession.

See below for details.


Psychotherapy is the heart of what I do.

It doesn’t mean much when other psychologists/counsellors make claims about delivering “evidence based practice (EBP)” because every practitioner (and client) is different. Alongside other researchers, and in the studies that we’ve conducted, a large proportion of the effectiveness boils down to differences between therapists, not the model that they prescribe (Wampold & Imel, 2015; and see Publications). What matters is how comfortable and emotionally safe you feel with your therapist, and more importantly, you are reaping the benefits.

My task is to do three things well

1.Employ my clinical expertise in facilitating change and growth based on our interpersonal collaboration;
2.Integrate what I know is the leading edge of clinical research in relations to your concerns, and
3.Weave that in with “who you are” as a person, your preferences, cultural background and tap into your existing resources (see diagram on what a true Evidence-Based Practice is).
To do this well, I will continuously monitor your outcomes on a session-by-session basis and make adjustments to the treatment as needed (APA Presidential Task Force, 2006).

To help reduce the level of nerves in coming for the first session (“What would Daryl be like? What’s his background? What to expect in the sessions?), I’ve tried to provide as much background about me, as well as my biases, in my website and blogs.

Please check out this pages

1. About Daryl;

2.Approach to Psychotherapy, and

3.My blog on Reflections on Living, Full Circles

For Clients in Australia

General Practitioner with a Mental Health Care Plan
New patients can benefit from the rebates under General Practitioner with a Mental Health Care Plan (GPMHCP) under Medicare Item No 2710. See your GP for a referral.

Health Funds
Health Funds may give rebates for psychological treatment. Contact your health fund for details.

Workers Compensation
Arrangements can be made with insurers and clients for treatment.
Contact us at Henry Street Centre to set up an initial appointment:
Office: 9335 8777
Address: 17 Henry St., Fremantle. WA 6160.

For Clients in Singapore and Other Countries

I return to Singapore to provide consultations every few months. I practice under the auspices of Caper Spring, Singapore. As I am no longer practicing in the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), Singapore, I currently only offer intensive sessions to new clients (i.e., 1.5-2 hrs sessions for 1-3 sessions in 2 weeks), and follow-up sessions for ongoing clients, either face-to-face or online based therapy.

Kindly contact me at if you are interested in this format of psychological help and wish to find out more.

For all overseas clients who are interested to seek help via online connection, I use a HIPPA compliant video conference platform called RingMD


I currently offer clinical supervision for practitioners. I’m not wedded to any particular theoretical orientation (but as you know, we all have our biases. See mine in my blog, Frontiers of Psychotherapist Development, and my Approach to Psychotherapy).

Gleaning ideas from studies in expert performance, teaching and education development, deliberate practice, music, sports, improvisation, and more that a decade worth of clinical practice in this field (Tip: Experience ≠ Expertise), I integrate all these together from a feedback-informed approach (FIT) in my role as a supervisor.

What this means is that I’m interested in systematically helping you get better at what you do, which is why I interplay between the two terminologies of supervision and coaching. (See my blogpost on this particular topic).

So, there would be a lack of theory-talk, and more on drilling down to specific interactions via monitoring your outcomes and watching videos of your work to help you at both the macro and the micro.

Warning: It’s not for the fail-hearted. Contact me at my email ( if you are interested to push beyond your comfort zone, and flourish in your professional work.


I have been providing workshops around countries like Australia, Singapore and US. A majority of the trainings revolve around helping mental health professionals improve their service deliveries, and ignite their professional development.

For more information on speaking engagements, trainings, and fees, drop me an email at daryl@darylchow,com to receive a workshop package.


As a psychologist and senior associate/trainer with the International Center for Clinical Excellence (ICCE), I provide specific consultation to agencies in various countries who are keen to be on the leading edge of mental health service delivery.

Topics include

a. Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) approach to psychotherapy;

b.Agency Implementation of outcome informed approach to services;

c.Professional Development: Helping practitioners push towards clinical excellence, and

d.Integrating practice based evidence (PBE) clinical research to their everyday practice.

See our Publication List to get a flavor of the work we are involved in.

Email me at to obtain a prospective brief.