What I Do

I Am Your Mentor.

I help clients and mental health professionals

people like you—who value deep learning and development,

to take that one more step towards your growth edge. 

The Greeks call it Arete (ἀρετή). 

I work with one client at a time, one therapist at a time, and one agency at a time.


I view psychotherapy/ counselling as a means to touch, heal, and inspire your life, so that you can be free to be who you really areAnd you do not need to have a “mental illness” to receive help.


Most of my professional publications and research are not done for career pursuits (I’m not affliated with any academic setting).  They represent my interest in the pursuit of excellence, development of expertise and creating environments for enhancing learning.


Chalk full of resources for mental health professionals and the general public.

Trainings & Consultations

The latest updates on trainings, events happening around you.

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