Resources for Practitioners



Here’s two new edited books that our work’s featured in.

The two chapters we’ve got in there:

Chow, D. (2017). The practice and the practical: Pushing your clinical effectiveness to the next level. In D. Prescott, C. Maeschalck, & S. D. Miller (Eds.), Reaching for Excellence: Feedback-Informed Treatment in Practice: APA.

Miller, S. D., Hubble, M., & Chow, D. (2017). Professional development: An Oxymoron? In T. Rousmaniere, R. K. Goodyear, S. D. Miller, & B. Wampold (Eds.), The Cycle of Excellence: Using Deliberate Practice in Supervision, Training, and Independent Practice Wiley Press.

You are in for a treat with the rest of the chapters!


The Mind of Health is targeted for clinicians (GPs, psychiatrists, psychologists, pediatricians, nurses) and the general public with relevant and latest research relating to the effects of mental health on physical health and vice versa.

Full Circles is an essay that contains my reflections on living – it shows a method to cut through the noise, give pause, and give rise to refocus on what’s most important in our lives.