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It’s been a long time since I’ve discovered a new artist that moved me. Rosie Carneys music doesn’t scream for your attention. It’s probably not going to hit some charts. It’s quiet, but penetrating. It’s soft, but her songs invites you in.

I am so taken by her music.

I first hear this track that she did called Thousands. In this track, she had the backing vocals from someone she looks up to, fellow Irish singer Lisa Hannigan (formerly singing with Damien Rice)

Here’s a live performance of the song, Thousands.

I wanted to learn more about her. The Web isn’t sprawled with information about Rosie Carney.

I was surprised that she’s only in her early twenties. At the age of 16, Donegal’s Rosie Carney signed a record deal that guided her away from the unadorned and honest songwriting that she wanted to pursue. After that false start, Carney knuckled down and got even more real and began to address her battles with anxiety, depression and an eating disorder that occupied her teenage years. “I lost so much weight. I don’t know how I didn’t die.”

Here’s a short documentary about her battle with anxiety at a young age:



In the video above, she said that the catalyst for change was when her grandmother, who was suffering with dementia.

One day, (my grandmother) asked my mother if I had cancer, as I was so thin…. that’s when I realised I need to completely sort myself out.

Music really became a form of therapy for her. The song “Thousands” speaks about her grandmother

Carnie Rosey’s music reminds that our life is not about comfort, but about courage. It not about living an anesthetic life, but to be awaken each day to the aesthetics around and within us.

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  1. Mano

    Hi Daryl,

    For the record – Im not manic at the moment and i fear that i may come across like a stalker but the honest truth is that im seeking a higher purpose in my life and i would also like to share a song relating to mental health with you. Its called
    ” Just like everybody else ”

    Its about me wanting to be treated and live like everybody else. Basically its about the stigma of Mental Illness. Hope that you can have a listen * It a lyric video and i think the lyrics has that ” Cuts you deep ” LIke Bob Dylan does hahaha – Not sure if you remember our conversation about Bob Dylan.

    Anyways, Thank you for replying to my Email Mr Daryl Chow.
    Warm Regards

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