A Gift for You

Reading a book is a tremendous opportunity cost and investment of time. I heard someone say “people don’t read books anymore.” I want to thank you for making it to the end. 

The First Kiss book aims to help you implement these ideas in the way you conduct your first sessions. It’s not just meant to be a good read, but it’s intended to make good the experience of the first sessions for your clients.  

As my gift for you, I want to provide you a set of materials to help you through this process of igniting your first sessions:  

• A pocket guide for each of the three section of the book; 

• A set of worksheets on the Taxonomy of Deliberate Practice Activities (TDPA); 

Circle of Development worksheets; 

• A cheat-sheet for using the Outcome Rating Scale and Session Rating Scale; 

• A template consent form for asking clients for permission to audio/video record sessions, and

29% discount code for the of Reigniting Clinical Supervision, in-depth online course (darylchow.com/courses).


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