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FIT and Beyond. Singapore, 24th & 25th of Apr 2017


Hosted by Eagles Mediation Counselling Centre (EMCC), I’d be running two workshops in Singapore on 24th and 25th of April  2017,

DAY I: Feedback Informed Treatment: Three Steps to Becoming Your Personal Best in Psychotherapy, and

DAY II: Beyond Measures in Psychotherapy: Taking Your Personal Best to the Next Level. This is the first time we are able to bring this Beyond Measures workshop, beyond US and Austra)lia, and into Singapore!.

It’s VCF funded, and you’d earn a total of 12 hrs of CPE (approved for SAC Members).

Here’s the delightful team from last year’s introductory May’16 workshop:


For those of you who have attended workshops on FIT before, I highly recommend you join us for DAY II: DAY II: Beyond Measures in Psychotherapy: Taking Your Personal Best to the Next Level. This workshop focuses on the specific practical aspects of pushing your clinical effectiveness to the next level.


For those working hard to serve those in the community, FSCs, VWOs, schools, and other leading organisations who have not been exposed to Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) ideas, I recommend you joining us for both days. My role in ICCE is to serve you, and bring the best out of you and your team.


If this whets your appetite, join us for a compelling and engaging experience. You can either register directly, or reach out to Joline Lim, joline@emcc.org.sg.


If you are coming from overseas, I assure you, there’s lots to shop, walk, and entertain in the small country/big city. Most of all, these series of workshop is guaranteed to be transformational.


See our recent publications on this topic in APA journal, Psychotherapy:

  1. The Role of Deliberate Practice in the Development of Highly Effective Psychotherapists
  2. Beyond Measures and Monitoring: Realizing the Potential of Feedback-Informed Treatment 

Igniting Deliberate Practice: The Practice and The Practical of Taking Your Clinical Effectiveness to the Next Level

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Date: 10th of June 2017

Contact person: Dr Aaron Frost (Email aaron@benchmarkpsychology.com.au for further information)


Agencies and practitioners across the globe are now beginning to realise the potential of implementing routine outcomes monitoring (ROM) in their service deliveries (Miller, Hubble, Chow, Seidel, 2015). It is well-established that ROM doubles the “effect size” (reliable and clinically significant change), cuts dropout rates by as much as half, and reduces deterioration by 33%. (Miller, Bargmann, Chow, Seidel, & Maeschalck, 2015; Miller, Hubble, Chow Seidel, 2013).

However, most clinicians, supervisors, and administrators have not yet found a way to integrate the use of clinical data and clinical intuition in a systematic step-wise sequence. This requires a synergistic micro-to-macro symbiotic process of integrating outcomes “one client at a time,” “one therapist at a time,” and “one agency at a time”.

More recently, nominated for Most Valuable Paper (MVP) award by American Psychological Association (APA), my colleagues and I published a study that demonstrates the impact of Deliberate Practice on outcomes (Chow, 2014; Chow et al., 2015). Most practitioners conflate clinical practice with deliberate practice. Past studies (e.g., Wampold & Brown, 2005) converging with our current findings show that we do not get better with experience, and maybe even decline over time (Goldberg et al., 2016)!

Thankfully, there is a way to overcome this stalemate, and we are only beginning to see the impact of a form of focused and deliberate practice that can take your clinical effectiveness to the next level (Goldberg et al., 2016).

This workshop is about igniting this spark, through a systematic and sustaining approach spelled out in this workshop.



  1. Participants will learn how to employ feedback information to guide their own professional development, and
  2. Participants will develop an actionable and practical deliberate practice framework to push their effectiveness to the next level.


Annual Professional Development Intensive workshops in Chicago

see this Evenbrite listing for updates. This is usually held in August, Chicago.

Some pictures from our past workshops:

PD Intensive Workshop Composite Picture copy



Design for Life Workshop

A Design for Life Logo (for email size)

Brought to you by CaperSpring

Co-facilitated with Neo Eng Chuan.

Date: 21-22nd May 2016

Venue: SCWO, 96 Waterloo Street Singapore (187967)


In A Design for Life, we seek to help individuals unlock their potentials, and develop better versions of themselves. This is done through a rich and alive experience of within oneself and with others. This goes beyond the usual “head” knowledge, which most of us already have. A Design for Life is suited for those who want clear directions for a dynamic individualised game plan for their life.


Reach: Pushing Your Clinical Effectiveness to the Next Level 

REACH (small file_From evenbrite)


For the first time in Australia, Scott Miller, Ph.D. and I ran a 80 packed in a room SOLD OUT 2-day workshop,  REACH workshop (Pushing Your Clinical Effectiveness to the Next Level) in the heart of Fremantle, Perth. Dates: 9th & 10th of May 2016.

Thanks to my teammates at Specialist Psychological Outreach Team (SPOT) and director Duane Smith for championing to make this happen in Perth.

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