Good Links

There’s a mix of lots of good stuff and junk out there in the web. Here’s a list of links that I found to be useful gems.

On Being

This is one of my favorites. Check out their podcast with very interesting people talking about spirituality and how they lead their lives. I really enjoyed the interviews with Jean Vanier (this episode was deeply moving for me), Pico Iyer and Bobby Mcferrin.

Zen Habits

The Title says it all. Useful stuff.

Study Hacks Blog by Cal Newport

Cal Newport, famed for his brilliant book, So Good That You Can’t Ignore It, shares pieces of advise on improving productivity in your life. He’s also the first writer I come across challenging the notion of “Follow Your Passion” idea. Well-worth reading.

Mark Manson: 

Brutally candid blogger. Deals with personal development. I like his stuff.

The Minimalists

Stripping down to what matters most in life, Ryan and Joshua, the duo called The Minimalists guides the readers to leading a fulfilling life, without getting caught up in the clutter and chaos of modern living.


Four Hour Workweek:

Tim Ferris does a heck of a job experimenting and learning in life. He distills a good amount of information to help you accelerate your learning process. His podcast is really good too. He interviews experts from a variety of fields.

Brain Pickings: 

Imagine someone good through a really dense, but good book. The person distills the essence out for you. This is what Maria Popova does for her readers. Her eyes are on the timeless, not the timely.


On Parenting:

Dr Greene




(more to come…)